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“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”

Learn python with fun and simple way

We are introducing our website in order to help children learn skills and also imbibe the subject concepts clearly and effectively.


Team Learnpython4cbse started with a dream to inspire school kids or any learner to fall in love with python coding. Our vision is to empower every child with the knowledge of python coding so that they can build anything they imagine.


Our Motto is to see the ultimate growth of all categories of Learners. Our content and resources are freely available and we prefer to keep it that way to encourage our readers to acquire as many skills as they would like to.

About us


The tutorials in this website explain with lots of examples, illustrations and a reader-friendly presentation and are helpful from beginning to advanced concepts for both school and graduation level students.

Students will develop the skills to program in python Understanding the concepts of programming language. This website will enable the students of computer science to understand the computer programming language and solve the exercises.

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