Online Tuition for Class - 11


Course Details

Regularly scheduled online tutoring sessions to cover the entire syllabus of grades 11 (CBSE curriculum).

Based on Latest Syllabus

Chapter-wise revision
Chapter-wise Sectional Test

– Discussion of previous question papers
Full-Length Mock Exams

Free tutorials

Fees per Class                     INR 800/-   

Total Fees(for 12 classes)  INR 9600/-

Actual Fees (After Disc.)    INR 7500/-


Number of sessions per week: 3

Duration of each session: 1 hr

Why is there a need to take this course?

  • Quick Math skills make you look smart and help you leave a lasting impression on people.

  • Boost your class 11 performance and get the best class 11  results.

  • Build a solid foundation for competitive examination preparation.

  • Master class 11 & 12 Mathematics and stand out from the competition

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